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Expanding Access

Ensuring every Oakland family has access to a high quality school

Every Oakland family deserves a quality school that helps them develop their full potential. For generations Black, Brown and low income families have sought educational opportunity but lacked quality school options in their neighborhoods. FIA supports families through publicizing options with an emphasis on highlighting schools that are providing quality education and equitable access to Oakland’s students, especially those traditionally underserved.
Vote for Oakland Students

Oakland Quality High School Awards

The race gap in college eligibility is Oakland’s “dirty little secret”. 80% of white seniors will graduate from an OUSD high school and be able to apply to a 4 year college. For Latinos, 55% and Black students, just 40%. Since 2019 FIA has hosted a spring awards show to recognize the district and charter high schools that are providing extraordinary college access to Black and Brown students.

Last spring, thousands of Oaklanders gathered together to celebrate the top high schools making college eligibility a reality for Black and Brown students. Every year, FIA hosts awards shows that uplift the schools and educators that are making access to college a reality.

FIA & A-G College Eligibility

A-G Resources

Download the Tool kit: FIA + A-G Tool Kit ➔

Download the A-G Training Kit: What is A-G and why does it matter? ➔

To choose a quality high school, look at the A-G completion rates ➔

To choose a quality elementary school, look at the SBAC data by board district ➔

AB 2484 Negatively Effects Charter Schools

Bill Guts Charter Facility Funding

FIA Talks: Importance of Voting

FIA Talks’ 3rd podcast episode is out now! In this episode, three Latitude 37.8 students join us to dive into the importance of voting and what it means for our youth to get civically engaged.

Cost of Quarantine – Coalition Letter & Advocacy Day

You would think that all public schools receive equitable funding. This just isn’t true. Charter public schools do more with less. And unless Governor Newsome and state legislators act soon, charter schools will be forced to shoulder the burden of the quarantine.

Edsource Op-Ed: To Fix Our Education Crisis, Let’s Focus on Educating

There’s been a lot of coverage of people leaving California because of high taxes, house prices, crime. You name it. But if you’re a parent of a student of color, there’s another reason to leave. Our education system can’t educate Black and Latino kids.

Shanthi Gonzalez Resigns from OUSD, blasting barriers to improving school quality

This week, Oakland School Board Director Shanthi Gonzalez announced she was stepping down. This was no ordinary good bye letter, but a searing manifesto of a frustrated and deeply disappointed leader.

Why do so many families opt out of OUSD schools?

Oakland Unified School District is preparing to close more than half a dozen schools over the next two years, and district leaders have pointed to years of declining enrollment—and with it, less state money to support OUSD’s current schools—as a primary reason.

Meet FIA’s Teacher Political Leader Fellows… Introducing Cohort 2

We are excited to introduce our Spring 2022 Teacher Political Leader Fellows! This is our 2nd cohort of amazing teacher leaders from across Oakland public charter and district schools.

FIA + 8 Black Hands Podcast

Cultivating New Black Leaders

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Ensuring every Oakland family has access to a high quality school

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