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Support the Resolution to Advance Black and Brown Student Achievement

FIA is working in partnership with OUSD Board Director Dr. Cliff Thompson and Director Jorge Lerma to put forth a Resolution to Advance Black and Brown Student Achievement. This resolution seeks to place the necessary focus, direction and goals towards improving quality for our students who have been traditionally left behind.

With only 2 out of every 10 Black and Brown students grade level proficient in Math and ELA and only 50% of the same group graduating high school eligible to apply to college, we clearly need something to change.

This resolution will ensure that our focus is on what needs our attention the most – doubling the current rates of math and reading proficiency and raising our A-G college eligibility rates by 30% for our Black and Brown students by 2034.

To send an email in support of the resolution to all OUSD Board Members please fill out your information below and click “submit”. Together we can make real change!

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