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Building Leadership

Empowering Families, Educators, and Community Leaders

FIA builds the capacity parents, youth, educators and school leaders in order to create a more just public education ecosystem in Oakland. Through building strong community, our signature institutes, 1:1 coaching, co-leading education campaigns, FIA has developed hundreds of powerful leaders who demand and win access, quality and equity in Oakland public education.

Vote for Oakland Students

Building Powerful Family Leadership

We help families understand the power and politics of public education and how they can lift their voices to impact their students’ future. We give families a seat at the table in city-wide policy and decision making.

FIA Summer Institute 2021

FIA leadership institutes bring parents and youth together to network and develop their organizing skills. Institute graduates go on to co-lead FIA issue campaigns that make a real impact in improving education.

Parent and youth participants

From Oakland Charter Schools



Participating schools: Achieve, AIMS, Alternative Action High School, Arise High School, Ascend, Aspire ERES Academy, Aspire Triumph Technology Academy, Bay Area Technology, Community School for Creative Education, Cox Academy, East Bay Innovation Academy, KIPP Bridge Academy, Latitude High School, Lazear Charter Academy, Lighthouse Community Charter, Lodestar, Oakland Charter High School, Oakland Military Institute, Oakland Unity High School, and Yu Ming

Teacher Political Fellowship

So many Oakland teachers dedicate their profession to transforming student lives through education. Yet far too often do teachers exercise their power and influence in citywide education issues. FIA believes that cultivating teacher leadership is key to transforming equity, access and quality in our city.

Our inaugural Teacher Political Leader Fellowship brought 30 charter and district teachers together to build community, to learn about power and politics in Oakland and to galvanize civic education and voter registration in their school communities.

Teacher Political Leadership

FIA’s Teacher Political Leadership provides educators an opportunity to elevate their voice as Oakland teachers to take leadership for quality, equity, and access in public education. Teachers will:

  • Reconnect with their journey to become a teacher
  • Learn about key power levers in the Oakland educational landscape
  • Use their voice as an Oakland charter teacher to advocate for quality, access, and equity
  • Join a growing, powerful movement for educational equity in Oakland schools
  • Learn how they can build electoral power as a teacher

Session 1: What’s at Stake?


Teachers will understand the origin stories in order to explore why they choose to work in a PCS and the values that guided their decision; understand what is happening in Oakland education policy, who benefits, and why; and agitate around who is shaping a vision for equitable access to quality public education in Oakland.

Session 2: Strengthening our Personal Power


Teachers will define power, understand the core principles of power, and to introduce the primary means of developing and exercising their public power; To explore the experience of the group with the four quadrants of exercising power and become aware of the advantages and limits of each; and To share practical power building practices including mapping power relationships and power 1:1’s.

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A-G College Eligibility Roundtable

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FIA Exclusive Blog: Parker Elementary

Why was Parker Elementary School Closed?

They said what?! Videos + Photos from FIA Candidate Forum

Highlights from the FIA Candidate Forum!

Our Students Need Space to Grow. Please help.

By Yue Shao (on behalf of the Yu Ming Educator Union)

On behalf of the members of Yu Ming Educators Union (CTA/NEA), we are writing to ask for your support for the Yu Ming Charter School’s Material Revision application to secure a more suitable site for our school.

Can K12 Enrollment Declines Spark a Push for Quality?

Public school enrollment dropped in California this year by more than 110,000 students.

Vote for Equity!

By Sonya Soltani

It is no secret that K-12 public education is and has been in crisis, especially right here in our own backyard. Let’s be real – students and families aren’t always centered in all decisions that pertain to them, and it’s time we all took a seat at the table to stand up for our youth.

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Empowering Families, Educators, and Community Leaders

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Ensuring every Oakland family has access to a high quality school

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Helping raise the bar for quality education

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Bringing Oakland together in the name of quality

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