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Ecosystem Development

Bringing educators together in the name of quality

Educational redlining has plagued Oakland for decades, resulting in inequitable access to quality schools. FIA builds coalitions with community organizations, elected leaders, faith organizations and advocacy partners to create synergy and impact. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

OUSD Schools Map

An Oakland parent’s story

Why I volunteer for elections

It’s up to us to stand up

They don’t expect us to vote

Largest parent and youth-led forum in Oakland

Powerful parents and youth flex at District 5 candidate forum

We break it down

Who’s running for D5 school board?

Janelle is a burgeoning activist with big plans

Get to know FIA Youth Leader Janelle

The 2023 Dirk Tillotson and Rachel Henry-Willis Awards

Celebrating the legacies of Dirk and Rachel

New teacher training at EFC

What happens when families train teachers?

Building Leadership »

Empowering Families, Educators, and Community Leaders

Expanding Access »

Ensuring every Oakland family has access to a high quality school

Catalyzing Quality »

Helping raise the bar for quality education

Ecosystem Development »

Bringing Oakland together in the name of quality

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