Welcome to our EFC + FIA Family Literacy Leadership Institute 2023.  We are thrilled to invite you to be a key partner in Education for Change’s network-wide Literacy Priority.  The goal of this campaign is to develop parent leaders like you to increase the reading proficiency of your child and to increase the literacy rates of all our EFC students.  


EFC is partnering with Families in Action for Quality Education (FIA) in this initiative.   EFC and FIA share some important values and beliefs that form the foundation of this institute:   

  • Parent Agency: We believe in the power of parents to advocate for their children’s educational achievement.
  • Parent Knowledge: We believe parents must know the academic standards, the data, and their child’s academic progress to be full partners in their child’s education.
  • Science of Reading: We champion a vision for high-quality schools including a scientific approach to reading for ALL students.
  • Home-School Partnership: We believe equitable access to quality education takes place when there is strong home-school communication, collaboration, and accountability. 

In addition to the above, EFC and FIA both believe that our work always begins with people. Our work always begins with you.  In our first session, we will take some time to reflect on our own experiences and to begin to develop our own story of self.

Session 1: Organizing Training: The First Revolution is Internal​

In session 1, we hope to partner with parents to support their child(ren) to achieve literacy outcomes using a science-based approach to instruction. Parents will reflect on their own experience learning to read as well as be introduced to new reading tools and practices at home.

Resources: Training Materials, English Deck, Spanish Deck,

Session 2: Grade-Level Benchmarks & Activities

In session 2, parents will understand EFC’s reading standards and achievement milestones, and are able to identify their child’s reading level as well as benchmarks/milestones/strategies for improvement.

Resources: Training Materials, English Deck, Spanish Deck,

Session 3: Power is the ability to achieve purpose

In Session 3, parents will understand the various components of learning to read, understand the developmental path for their child; and can begin to articulate a shared “story of now” that creates urgency and action.

Resources: Training Material, English Deck, Spanish Deck

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