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FIA’s Self-Published Reports

At FIA, we are passionate about empowering communities through education, and our latest self-published reports are a testament to our commitment to this cause. These reports provide an in-depth look at the education crisis in Oakland, highlighting key challenges, opportunities, and innovative initiatives that are shaping the future of education in the city. Whether you are an educator, policymaker, parent, or student, our reports offer valuable insights that can inform change from the local school level to the district level.

If you want to know more about what FIA has been up to, check out our annual campaign and data reports to learn how FIA is helping change the educational landscape in Oakland.

Raise the Bar: 2023 Student Data Report

Elevando el Nivel: 2023 Informe de Datos del Estudiante

FIA 2023 Annual Report

2023 Reporte Anual de FIA

The Unspoken Pandemic: A-G: College Eligibility

La Pandemia No Mencionada: A-G Elegibilidad Universitaria

The Unspoken Pandemic: Oakland’s Education Crisis

La Pandemia No Mencionada:Crisis Educativa de Oakland

FIA 2022 Annual Report

2022 Reporte Anual de FIA

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