A-G College Readiness Campaign

What is A-G?

The University of California and California State University systems require entering freshmen to complete certain courses in high school, commonly known as the A-G requirements.

In Oakland, just 44% of Black and 55% of Latino seniors complete A-G, while 80% of Asian and White students do.

Check out the 2022 A-G Panel!

Want to know what students think about the importance of A-G eligibility? In September 2022, FIA hosted a very special A-G round table on A-G with Dr. Charles Cole III, Energy Convertors’ Executive Director, at Lighthouse Community Charter School. High school students from various Oakland Public Schools joined the conversation. Check them out!

Take Action

1. Demand that all Oakland public schools adopt the following A-G recommendations:

  • Dump the D grade and put in support systems for transcript monitoring and early intervention

  • Put students and parents in the driver seat through A-G trainings and regular communication (at least annually) on A-G status

  • Create more credit recovery systems for students

2. Read the A-G College Readiness Report (April 2023)

  • This latest report focuses on how Oakland high schools are preparing their students for college and career. The key metric, of course, is A-G completion rates.

  • Vulnerable students like English Language Learner students, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and students with disabilities are not eligible for college at the same rate as all other students.

3. Download & share FIA’s A-G Toolkit Guide

  • We need to “Raise the Bar” in Oakland and make sure each and every single Oakland student and parent knows the A-G requirements and is graduating A-G eligible

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