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We are excited to launch FIA and ARISE High School’s Family Leadership Institute. We are building the  leadership capacity of parents to accelerate student outcomes in attendance, academics, and college/career

Learn more about this year’s FIA’s Winter Leadership Institute here

Session 1: Vision for College & Career Success at ARISE.

In session 1: Parent leaders will become knowledgeable about the current status of ARISE data in reading, math, college and career indicators, and attendance.


Resources: English Deck, Spanish Deck, and Materials

Session 2: Demystify college & career success for my student

In session 2: Parent leaders will learn about their child’s education plan, and the importance of A-G Requirements, and have a guideline to understand their child’s transcripts. Leaders will understand ARISE’s graduation tracker and the importance of monitoring their student’s progress.


Resources: English Deck, Spanish Deck, and Materials

Session 3: Maximizing Our Home-School Partnership 

In session 3: Parent leaders will continue to practice goal-setting conversations and weekly check-ins with their students. Leaders will become knowledgeable about effective home-school collaboration with advisors, teachers, academic mentors, and academic counselors.

Resources: English Deck, Spanish Deck, and Materials

Session 4: Partnering with ARISE School Leaders to Observe Instruction through Family Instructional Rounds

In session 4: Parent leaders make connections between the classroom observation and the school and family goals for college and career success for students. Parent leaders will also learn how to debrief the classroom observations and identify implications for themselves, other parents, and feedback for the school.


Resources: English Deck, Spanish Deck, and Materials

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