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Civic Engagement Campaign

Helping Oakland Families Ignite their vote

In fall, 2020, 40 charter schools joined together for a historic 100% voting campaign to build political power by registering charter family voters, leveraging Murmuration and hosting candidate forums. While the campaign was widespread in its reach, just 1 of 4 supportive candidates was elected at OUSD and 1 of 2 in ACOE. These campaigns have put FIA on the map as a political entity and begun to create a powerful, public collective identity for our schools as advocates for quality, equity and access. The outcome of the elections is a challenge that demonstrated how important it is to scale and grow our impact. 

Our work continues in the 2022 election, where school board seats for District 2, 4, and 6 are up for election in November. This year is unique, in that it is the first time that students (that are at least 16 years old) will be able to vote for school board.