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This winter we hosted a leadership institute for over 60 Oakland parent and youth leaders to root themselves in their own self-interest, become aware of the state of education in Oakland, and understand the current challenge.

The Winter Leadership Institute provided tools and training on how to read and understand Oakland’s A-G and SBAC student data, personal goal-setting, and self-advocacy strategies. Below you can see the archive from this year’s institute. 

Session 1: My Town: Our Collective Data

In session 1, leaders learned the history of quality and access in Oakland and what the A-G and SBAC data tell us about quality in Oakland in 2022. Leaders were rooted in their own self-interest, and became aware of historic inequity in education, the current challenge.

Materials: English Deck, Spanish Deck

Session 2: My Child: My School, Our Data

In Session 2, leaders shared their hopes for their child or for themselves, and discussed what SBAC data tell me about quality at their school. Leaders were grounded in the interests of themselves and/or their children and understood the current academic data of their school.

Materials: English Deck, Spanish Deck

Session 3: My Power: Agency is the Solution

In session 3, leaders learned to activate their agency and use their voice and power to advocate for themselves and/or their child. Leaders were motivated to work for change and have a clear vision, goals, and immediate next steps of what to do in order to exercise their personal agency.

Materials: English Deck, Spanish Deck

Session 4: Our Power: Advocacy is the Solution

In Session 4, leaders discussed how to build power and influence for quality, as well as the possibility of meeting with their principals and elected officials to discuss quality. Leaders understood that power is made up of people with knowledge and a plan. Leaders were clear about the steps needed to build power within their school and how to align that power with others publicly.

Materials: English Deck, Spanish Deck

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