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A-G College Eligibility Roundtable

“Bring that energy. Let them know, this is my future. I’m invested in my future. I’m going to be the person that takes over when you go sit down, so I need to know all that you know and more. Don’t be afraid of that. That’s a power within you. Use it.”
Powerful words from Dr. Delores Thompson, Career Pathways Coordinator at Oakland School for the Arts at the FIA and Energy Convertors AG Roundtable! Do you know what AG is? Video is out now — hear advice from experts for families on how to navigate AG requirements to make sure students are eligible. Students also give valuable feedback on their experience and what they need to graduate high school with the required classes to enroll in a UC or CSU school. Who do you know that needs to watch this video? Share this information with them today!

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