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AB 2484 Negatively Effects Charter Schools

Dear FIA Community,

The impact of AB 2484, a new bill proposed to reduce public facilities funding for charter schools, is massive. This week, FIA parent leaders joined Oakland charter school educators and leaders to meet with Assembly Member Bonta, author of the bill that will effectively gut facilities funding for nearly 200 California charter schools serving primarily low-income, Black and Brown students. We must take action!

Here are the facts:

  • AB2484 (Bonta) will impact 86,800 California students, 85% of whom are Latino or Black. 72% of students are low income.
  • In Oakland, this will jeopardize charter school facility funding in East Oakland (Districts 5, 6, and 7) the most.
  • AB 2484 will cost public charter schools $1.4 billion in public funding over time.
  • The average school impacted will lose $321,000 per year. These lost dollars will have to be taken from school budgets to pay for facilities instead of reading interventions, college counseling, student mental health support, and teacher and staff salaries.

For these reasons, we are asking you take action today. We must speak up to protect our charter facility funding and keep funds in the classroom TODAY.

Take action today by picking up the phone and calling Assembly Member Bonta’s office. Phone calls matter! Simply tell her staff who you are and that you want her to stand down on AB 2484 and leave our charter facility funding alone.


CALL Assembly Member Mia Bonta (Oakland)

Tel: (916) 319-2018

Tel: (510) 286-1670


Email Campaign


Let’s stand together and protect our charter school facility funding!

FIA Team

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