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Congrats Grads! Spring Leadership Inst. & Graduation Celebration

Greeting FIA Community,

Families in Action’s Spring 2022 Leadership Institute (SLI) was made up of 50 passionate and energetic Oakland parent and youth leaders with a common goal – triple voter registration to build electoral power among charter school communities.

“SLI is a wonderful example of what can happen when we come together as a community to advocate for our students. It’s powerful for people to hear about the difference their vote can make – not from a politician, but from their friends and neighbors,” shared Kimi Kean, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, of Families in Action for Quality Education.

Building on the momentum of our family-powered Civic Engagement Campaign, SLI seeks to empower parents and students to pursue change through voter education and registration. Throughout the institute, participants received the inspiration, purpose, tools, and training they will need to get out the vote in their communities.

This year, Spring Leadership Institute took place in April and May with a focus on preparing for the upcoming November school board elections. Participants applied or were nominated to take part in the institute and met twice per week for in-depth training, planning, and canvassing.

Students Step Up for Change

Student involvement holds a critical place in this year’s voter registration efforts as students ages 16 and up can pre-register to vote in the Oakland Unified School District school board elections for the first time in November. SLI youth leaders rose to the occasion, with 15 students successfully completing the course requirements.

“It feels good to have a voice,” said Alan Calmo, FIA youth leader at Oakland Charter High School. “Oakland students deserve more from our public schools, and we’re out here making that happen for ourselves and the students who will come after us.”

Ready to Get Involved?

SLI parent and youth leaders are passionate about educational quality, equity, and access for our students. They understand that local elections are critical to our ability to champion equitable access to quality public education in Oakland.

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In Community,

Kimi Kean
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Families in Action for Quality Education
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