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FIA Talks: Importance of Voting

Our third podcast episode is out now! In this episode of FIA Talks, we dive into the importance of voting and what it means for our youth leaders to get civically engaged. Our third podcast was streamed on May 6th, and it featured three of our youth leaders from Latitude 37.8. Click here to watch!


I think it’s important to vote because in a way you could also be helping communities like you and your family. It’s not just about the person who you are voting for, it’s the decisions and policies they are making that make them a good person to vote for.

  • Brenda C, Latitude 37.8

Voting is important because you are using your power to choose who represents you and your education. Depending on those votes they can impact your school and other schools in your community.

  • Javier M, Latitude 37.8

Voting is important to me because I have parents who can’t vote. For me, being able to vote would allow me to feel like I can vote for them as well. 

  • Roberto M, Latitude 37.8
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