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Celebrating Lit 4 Literacy Cohort 2


Greetings, FIA Community,

Last month, FIA concluded our second cohort of Lit For Literacy in partnership with Education for Change (EFC)! Woot Wooot!!! This work is crucial because in Oakland about 2 out of 10 Black and Brown students are reading on grade level. Through Lit for Literacy we work with families to educate them on the data and to better understand how their students are doing with reading proficiency.

Upon completing FIA’s Lit for Literacy training, our exceptional EFC parent leaders fully recognize the importance of deeply engaging in their scholar’s education, which greatly contributes to their students’ success.

During our 5 literacy sessions, more than 60 parents from Achieve, Ascend, Lazear, Cox and Learning Without Limits studied citywide literacy data and uncovered trends about both recent and historic reading performance among all student groups in Oakland.

“We are failing our young people even more so than the education system by learning about these statistics and doing nothing about them. These are our babies, not theirs,” Samantha Blanco, a parent leader from Achieve shared.


Another big idea that we honed in on during our sessions was the importance of school to home collaboration. Roberto Hernandez, assistant principal at Learning Without Limits, led an enlightening session that highlighted the positive impact reading at home has on student reading data! He stressed that parents must be involved and that they are a part of creating a positive reading culture at home.

If you have a student in public school, when was the last time you talked with your student’s ELA teacher about their current reading proficiency level? If you have not, make that connection and add another layer to your school to home partnership!

Moving forward, all parents leaders that completed Cohort 2 have agreed to:

  • Continue home reading routines (fluency tests, book walks, and book talks)
  • Remain in constant communication with ELA teachers and Literacy deans at their school sites
  • Becoming part of a Literacy PLT (Parent Lead Team) at their school sites in order to continue to elevate reading scores not only at home but collectively on school sites.

I want to thank the parents so much for helping create an institute where leadership was elevated, power coats were put on and reading routines were created!

Lastly, please be on the lookout for our next institute where we will be leveling up our leadership!

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