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Read Energy Convertors new report

My name is Javier Barazza and I’m FIA’s Youth Organizer. One thing that I am super excited about from the 2023 Energy Convertors Report is that  “70 percent of students and their parents know of A-G requirements.”

When we started this work with the Energy Convertors in 2020, just 50 percent of students knew about A-G. This means there has been significant improvement in giving students the knowledge about gatekeeping requirements like A-G so they can develop their agency.

Agency and acting “agentically” is something Dr. Cole talks about extensively. Agency is making sure we are embracing our own POWER to get through the obstacles that lie in our path to successfully pursuing college and career after high school.

Click here to download the report.

I hope if you read one thing this fall, that it will be the EC Student Voice Report!

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