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Teacher Political Leader Fellowship

Oakland school

We are excited to introduce our inaugural Teacher Political Leader Fellows! This is our first cohort of amazing teacher leaders from across Oakland public charter and district schools. Our 30 fellows are joining our community of leaders who are committed to lifting our voices, sharing our stories, and fighting to increase access to quality schools for all of Oakland students.

Our FIA Teacher Political Leader Fellowship is a two month long program for teacher leaders who have expressed a commitment to educational equity, school quality, and family choice. This fellowship will build the leadership capacity of our teacher fellows as champions for their schools and for quality schools for all Oakland students. They will leave the fellowship with a deeper understanding of the education landscape and a plan to mobilize voters across Oakland for the 2022 election.

Over the next few weeks, we will highlight our fellows and share their stories.

FIA’s Teacher Political Leader Fellows

Asha Hannah: Leadership Public Schools
Christopher Norman: Bay Area Technology School
Christy Angelie Belecario: Lighthouse Charter High School
Claudia Torres: Lodestar Community Public School
Earsy Jenkins-Crockett: Cox Academy
Freedom Reign: Urban Montessori Charter School
Gena Kurzfeld: ARISE High School
Grace Shin: Bay Area Technology School
Hanna Forde: Community School for Creative Education
Jack Blangy: Oakland Charter High School
Jaime Burnel: Sojourner Truth Independent Study School
Kacey Harold: Oakland Unity High School
Keara Starnes: Cox Academy
Kelly Anne Hansen: Lazear Charter Academy
Kelsey Rogoff: LPS Oakland R&D
Megan Stoehr: Oakland Unity High School
Mellany Han: Lighthouse Community Public Charter School
Nicole Ontiveros: Cox Academy
Shamika Thomas: Hoover Elementary
Sherman Moore: Baytech school, Oakland, CA
Sonya Soltani: KIPP Bridge Rising Academy
Teresa Lucan: Yu Ming Charter School
Yesenia Sanchez: Lodestar Upper High School
Yoav Helfman: Oakland Academy of Knowledge
Yue Shao: Yu Ming Charter School
Velia Navarro: ARISE High School

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