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2023 Student Data Report


The 2023 Raise the Bar Student Data Report is now available to download at the link here. FIA parent and youth leaders drove the direction of this report, which shines a light on Black and Brown students while sharing data on ALL Oakland public schools across the city.

[Click to read the report]

While there is much to celebrate – graduation rates are up 20% in the last decade, for example – there is also much work for us to do. 

Among the key findings from the report:

  • Oakland public schools are double-digit percentage points below the state average in both reading and math
  • Large disparities exist in proficiency rates for White and Asian students compared with Black, Latinx and special education students in math and ELA
  • More White and Asian students are graduating eligible for college compared with Black, Latinx and special education students 

To better understand how schools across Oakland are performing and which are moving in the right direction, the 2023 Raise the Bar report for the first time includes a Quality Check, a data visual breakdown of schools that are improving and declining when it comes to the state standards in ELA and math. 

Are you satisfied with these outcomes? At the end of the report, we challenge you to join FIA and school, city and community leaders across Oakland to sign a pledge to bring to fruition a system where 80 percent of our students are meeting the state standards in ELA and math and graduating college-eligible. 

Join us in building the future of Oakland.  

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