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Celebrating Oakland’s top public schools for A-G completion

Thanks to everyone who made the 2023 A-G Awards hosted at Bay Area Technology School (BayTech) an amazing night! We were celebrating schools with at least 80 percent of African American, Latinx and students with IEPs completed their A-G requirements and are eligible to apply to a UC or CSU school when they graduate from high school.

There are so many people who contribute to making sure historically marginalized students are eligible to apply to college, and it was special to have over 120 in the same room to celebrate and have real conversations on how we can ensure even more students graduate meeting their A-G requirements.

A big shout out to the educators who participated in the panel discussion and shared with us how they build Family Agency in A-G completion. Thank you to my co-host Jonathan and to Dr. Charles Cole for an amazing keynote address. Cheers to the elected officials who joined us, including OUSD School Board members Dr. Clifford Thompson and VanCedric Williams. And thank you to the BayTech community for hosting us at your school!

We have some photos and videos from the night to share with you, check them out on Facebook. And check out the schools that were honored here!

Also, be sure to download and share FIA’s latest data report,The Unspoken Pandemic: A-G College Eligibility, which lays out some alarming statistics (such as in Oakland public high schools, only half of Black students and 60 percent of Latinx students graduate completing A-G requirements) while also highlighting bright spot high schools that are breaking cycles of inequitable A-G access.

There remains much work to do to ensure every Oakland student graduates A-G eligible, but we are the people to get it done and this is our moment. We are proud to say that 15 district and charter schools  publicly committed to partnering with FIA to increase family communication in A-G in 23-24.

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