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Now what are the candidates’ priorities?

You may have been following the news and still be confused: the District 5 school board election is actually happening this year with two qualified candidates. The confusion comes from a huge error the City of Oakland made around which district boundary to use for this election. After both candidates were initially ruled ineligible, the city reversed course and Sasha Ritzie-Hernandez and Jorge Lerma were deemed eligible. 

Now that we can move forward, it’s important that people in the community hear directly from the candidates and have the opportunity to ask questions to really understand their priorities and where they stand on important issues like access to quality schools, and how they will work with families across Oakland’s district and charter schools.

Join FIA parent and youth leaders as we host a forum for District 5 school board candidates on Thursday, September 28 from 6:30-8:00 pm at Lazear Charter Academy (824 29th Ave). Dinner will be available.

RSVP here

Let people you know the election is on, and invite them to join you at the forum as we flex our collective power.

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